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About Us

A Group Of Computeraholics

People who work on and talk about computers all day are often referred to as "geeks." Although it is usually used negatively, we are proud of being geeks. Today, the computer user-base is very large and continuing to expand at a rapid rate. People often find themselves frustrated when using a computer. There are many problems which lead to this frustration. It could be that the computer freezes every ten minutes or the computer does not respond fast enough to suit your needs. Whatever the case may be, the solution is often very simple or very complicated. xPute is a group of people who have had years of experience with both these kinds of problems. We offer solutions and provide honest advice and recommendations to resolve your problems.

A Company In The Making

We have been working with computers for more than three years. Through these many years of experience, we encountered many problems, hardware and software alike. After hours spent resolving our own computers problems, we have become more acquainted with computers.
After working with so many problems, we have come to understand that computers can get frustrating and unreliable. This is the reason why we created xPute. Our goal is to help people work out their computer problems by showing them how to fix a problem or do it ourselves for a fee.
We are very confident of our abilities and guarantee we will put in all our effort into solving your problems. If any of our work fails within seven days, we will replace or refix the problem without any additional charges.
Currently, we offer three options for our customers. If you do not want to risk removing your computer and transporting it to our office (no extra fees), we offer an in-home service which involves our presence in your home while we work on your computer (requires an extra fee). The third option is for us to come to your home and remove the computer ourself and transport it to our office (takes about a week to complete work and transport computer back to your home, small fee).

A Plan For The Future

Currently, we are only working with customers in the Santa Clara County area. If our company becomes a success, we will expand our offices throughout the Bay Area. If you do not live in these areas, we can still help you by providing solutions to basic computer problems via email at questions@xpute.com. If you have a comment or question about our company, please send us an email at comments@xpute.com. We value customer feedback and will try our best to suit your needs.
Our company is still very small and in its priliminary development stages. Currently, we are working on the website to provide the customer with an easy to use interface that is not only helpful, but simple and effective. After finishing the website, we plan to get our message out by advertising in local newspapers and posting flyers.

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